• Protect Your Face! Smith Goggles are in!

    • New Smith

    It's finally here... What is finally here you ask? SNOW!! We have all been dreaming of white-capped sugar plum mountains and quicker than expected, 'Tis The Season. The only thing that doesn't enjoy screaming down the mountain in a blizzard however is your bare face, so protect it! We have the full line of Smith I/O-S, I/O, I/O-X, and I/O-7 to choose from. They integrate perfectly with all Smith helmets and pretty much all others, so you don't really have an excuse. As an added bonus, you will get a chance to work on that sweet, sweet goggle tan! Your pretty face doesn't deserve to be left out in the cold, so come on in, get some Smith goggles, and cover up that mug!


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