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    We carry and support local brands from the Reno-Tahoe area.

         At Redemption Sports we don't just support our customers, we support our local brands!  We feel very strongly about the need to support local businesses like ourselves, so that is what we do. We are now carrying twelve different local brands from the Reno-Tahoe area. Our current lineup consists of:  Arcade Belts, Big Truck, Native To This Place (Tahoe Fab), ...

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    Oakley Goggles

    What do you have in common with the likes of Tanner Hall, Lindsay Vonn, Sammy Carlson and Henrik Harlaut? Probably not a whole lot, but with a brand new pair of 2014 Oakley Goggles, you can get that much closer to looking like a pro! Even if you don't dream of being center stage at Dew Tour, you can still benefit from the great new technologies coming out of Oakley. They help you see ...

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    • New Smith

    Protect Your Face! Smith Goggles are in!

    It's finally here... What is finally here you ask? SNOW!! We have all been dreaming of white-capped sugar plum mountains and quicker than expected, 'Tis The Season. The only thing that doesn't enjoy screaming down the mountain in a blizzard however is your bare face, so protect it! We have the full line of Smith I/O-S, I/O, I/O-X, and I/O-7 to choose from. They integrate perfectly with ...

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    2015 Outerwear

    Are you tired of Snow Bros & Bunnies passing you in the lift line without a second glance? Do you have to call every drop in the park because no one notices you about to shred that sick line? Well then you are in luck! We have a brand new selection of technical (and fashionable!) outerwear to keep you looking and feeling good on the slopes. We have new lines from Orage, Nike, Armada, INI ...

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    • MTN Approach Bryan Iguchi Pro Model

    Reserve a MTN Approach System for your next Backcountry Adventure!

    These 3 piece foldable permanent skins are the perfect solution to the inconvenience of split-boarding. Lightweight skis keep you hiking further for longer, and the best part is you can ride any board you want on the way down! That means no dealing with putting the split-board together and adjusting the bindings at the top of the mountain. Just fold up the skis and place into the specially ...

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